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U5 Hamburg

General BIM Project Controlling

Hamburgs new metro line, the U5 connects important economic and residential centers in the east and west with the city center. The line provides 150.000 citizens with metro connectivity. The U5 underground line is to run from Brahmfeld via the main train station and Stellingen to the arenas. This will connect densely populated districts such as Steilshoop or the Jarrestadt, and many jobs, such as in City Nord, as well as large leisure and educational facilities such as the University of Hamburg and the arenas, will be reached more quickly.

SD Ingenieure provide the BIM Controlling and Coordination during the planning phase for all sections of the line to the owner. The project is using a wide range of BIM applications during its stages including the provision of a central document management system, the creation of an existing infrastructure model of the entire route as a basis for planning and an object-oriented 3D planning of selected stations with the implementation of the use cases 2D plan derivation, model-based scheduling (4D) and model-based cost planning (5D).

Hamburger Hochbahn A
2019 - 2020
Hamburg, Deutschland
  • Tunnelbau
  • Schiene
  • BIM