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The potential of digitisation in the building industry is enormous. In many areas resources remain unused which can be mobilized by digital technologies.

The competences of SD Ingenieure GmbH concentrate on the integration of logistics and process planning into the BIM workflow, as well as the real process recording on the construction site. With a mixture of in-house developments and cooperations with hardware and software suppliers, we can offer practical technical solutions with lean structures.

The many years of experience of our teams in large national and international infrastructure projects ensures your success in identifying the relevant planning elements.


We develop simulation solutions and process monitoring systems for logistics and optimized realization of construction projects. As recognized specialists for Building Information Modeling (BIM), we provide our clients with professional and individual support. Our solutions increase your productivity by avoiding or optimizing downtimes in your internal and external processes.

Our simulation-based planning creates efficient logistics chains and resource utilization. By visualizing and quantifying process details, we maximize your productivity on the construction site.

By using our process models you get a view into the future of your project, true to the motto:

"First digital, then real building".

We help you to evaluate your schedule and resource planning digitally using all performance potentials before the start of the real construction measures or to check the performance of existing concepts.


Regardless of whether you as project owner have to prove the feasibility of a tender or as contractor the advantages of your scheduling, we provide you with the tools with which you can measure the performance of your project logistics.


Efficient logistics is at the heart of construction projects. Supported by simulation models of the construction phases to be carried out, you can evaluate your construction site setup and plan your operational control.


Whether for complete subway lines, construction sites such as motorways, ports or other important infrastructures, we support the management of program planning risks by quantifying and visualizing diverse dependencies across the boundaries of different contractors.

Our data analysis systems identify the processes from your work plans and enable you to improve their productivity. This makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and causes of delays.


We analyse processes right down to individual work tasks. Based on simulation models of the project we identify inefficiencies and develop solutions to improve performance. Our parameterized models can be dynamically adapted to the changing environment in all project phases.

The simulation models show the behavior of the overall system. With the help of tracking technologies, all important Automatically identify, analyze and optimize work processes.

Projects & Memberships

Our practical experience and the targeted use of the BIM methodology along the entire planning chain lead to a recognisable added value. We have successfully participated in a number of national and international projects in the areas of BIM control, process simulation and construction sequence planning.

We not only apply the relevant methods, but also participate in a number of research projects and initiatives relating to digital construction planning, thus actively shaping its future.

Innenausbau Tunnel Rastatt ( Germany )
Logistics simulation interior finishing

Changi Airport ( Singapur )
Construction sequence simulation Inter Terminal Tunnels

Cientific monitoring of the implementation of the BIM step-by-step plan (BMVI-Project)

Scientific monitoring of pilot projects for the application of BIM in the infrastructure sector (completed)


Forum for Young Engineering Professionals (STUVA FYEP)
Founding member, Speaker

German Committee for Underground Construction DAUB Working Group
BIM in underground mining

ITA International Tunneling Association
BIM in Tunneling

buildingSMART Germany
Specialist Group Traffic Routes Subgroup Tunnel

buildingSmart International
Workinggroup IFCTunnel