SD Engineering

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"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us."
(Winston Churchill)


Plan - Build - Operate

Digitalization bears enormous potentials for the civil engineering and mining sectors. Digital planning and monitoring of workflows and logistics offers an increased utilization of assets and resources.
SD Engineering are shaping the digital planning and execution of construction and mining projects with a focus on civil infrastructure. Our teams long experience in major global infrastructure projects helps our clients to achieve the best results. We support our clients with the implementation and management of their projects BIM workflow. Our expertise in civil engineering process simulation increases our clients productivity by integrating digital logistics planning into their BIM models. Together with our partners within the Socotec group, we offer digital tools for site productivity measurement and process improvement.


Our Projects

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The advent of BIM marks a major change in the way construction projects are handled from the sides of owners, planners and contractors.

​ The implementation of BIM unlocks great potentials for improving reliability with regards to schedule, cost and quality. We support our clients with the planning, management and execution of all BIM aspects in their projects.



The management of digital aspects is difficult for many traditional organzations. Our experienced project managers take care of the challenges your organization is facing by contributing their expertise in house to your projects as part of your team.



Using simulation to tackle complex problems has always been at the core of our company. The potentials to optimize execution strategies, equipment design and work processes using simulation are immense. Our experienced simulation programmers and engineers provide the specific knowledge required to fully utilize the benefits of simulation based planning in heavy industries.​



Efficient logistics form the base for any successful construction or mining project. We offer digital planning solutions for site logistics with full integration into the BIM workflow.



Operating work sites profitably in construction and mining depends on highly optimized process interactions. We create actionable data on process productivity and develop strategies for their optimization.